About the Parkview Innovation Competition

Challenging the boundaries of innovation on a global scale

The Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation is an ecosystem that enables and empowers innovators across the healthcare spectrum. Our goal is to accelerate the delivery of life-enhancing health and wellness solutions to patients worldwide. The Mirro Center provides upcoming companies with an optimal environment for development by offering vital industry connections, entrepreneurial programs, and state-of-the-art research facilities for product testing.

Using insights gained from previous research conducted by the Indiana Chapter of HIMSS in 2017, the Innovation team at Parkview Mirro Center designed a three-part competition series aimed at finding solutions to key issues identified.

Our competition serves as a platform for individuals and startups to propose their novel ideas and approaches, address challenges and back their solutions with data. To ensure the practicality and effectiveness of these solutions, we facilitate partnerships between selected startups and our research team. This collaboration allows for validation of their proposed solutions, and enhanced potential impact on improving maternal and infant health outcomes in Indiana.

By igniting a sense of urgency, encouraging creativity and promoting collaboration, our goal is to drive positive change and make a meaningful contribution to lowering infant mortality rates in Indiana. Our collective efforts are fueled by a shared commitment to the well-being of mothers and babies, inspiring us to push the boundaries of innovation and create lasting impact.

Competition timeline

Application Period

May – June: Application period

Apply with a detailed description of your proposed solution.

Selection Semi-Finalists

July: Semi-finalists selected

Semi-finalist teams are selected by a committee of Parkview experts to move forward to participate in the Innovation Competition.

Innovation Competition

August: Innovation Competition

Semi-finalist teams will, virtually or in-person, present their solutions to the Parkview selection committee. The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize.


August – November: Accelerator

Finalist teams develop and refine their concepts in a two-month accelerator, building and testing their solution with MATTER and Parkview mentors and stakeholders from across the healthcare community.

Final Pitch Day

November: Pitch Day

Finalist teams will present to a community of healthcare professionals, Parkview leaders, and outside investors to pitch their ideas for potential pilot opportunities and funding. All teams participating in the final pitch day will receive a six-month global membership to MATTER.

Past Innovation Competition Winners

2023 Healthy Kids Healthy Future

Supporting children and teens managing chronic conditions

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40 percent of U.S. children have at least one chronic condition. The Healthy Kids Healthy Future competition focused on solutions that support the management and treatment for children 0-15 years old with chronic conditions such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, obesity, diabetes, mental and behavioral health conditions, developmental disabilities and more.

2022 Healthy Mom & Baby 3.0

Improving access to care for underrepresented mothers and children

No matter their age, all children are babies to their mothers. This year, Healthy Mom and Baby 3.0 extended its scope into improving the lives of mothers and children through pre-teen. This look at pediatrics, with a lens of increasing equity for underrepresented mothers and children, addressed issues pertaining to access to care for preventive and chronic conditions. Specifically, we focused on improving access to care for underrepresented mothers and children.

2021 Healthy Mom & Baby 2.0

Reducing maternal mortality for underrepresented mothers

Parkview Health, in collaboration with MATTER, hosted the 2021 Healthy Mom and Baby Innovation Competition 2.0. This year our focus was on reducing maternal mortality for underrepresented mothers enhancing the well-being for both mother and child. We sought to find new ways to support at-risk pregnant and new mothers throughout their healthcare journey and daily lives in Indiana and those worldwide.

2020 Healthy Mom & Baby

Reducing the infant mortality rate in northeast Indiana and around the world

Parkview Health, in collaboration with MATTER, hosted the 2020 Healthy Mom and Baby Innovation Competition. This year our focus was on reducing the infant mortality rate in northeast Indiana and around the world. We sought to find new solutions that will allow us to provide more effective, innovative solutions for women during pregnancy and their babies after birth.

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