2023 Healthy Kids Healthy Future: A Pediatrics Innovation Competition

How might we better support children and teens managing chronic conditions?

Parkview Health, in collaboration with MATTER, is proud to present the 2023 Healthy Kids Healthy Future pediatrics innovation competition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 40 percent of U.S. children have at least one chronic condition or liability, and the management of these conditions can be taxing on both children and their guardians. In order to support children and teens in Indiana and beyond, Parkview Health and MATTER are calling on innovators and industry disruptors to answer the call. Specifically, we will focus on:

How might we better support children and teens managing chronic conditions?

Parkview is seeking solutions that support management and treatment for children 0-15 years old with chronic conditions like asthma, cystic fibrosis, obesity, diabetes, mental and behavioral health, developmental disabilities and more.

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Our focus

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It is critical to address chronic conditions early on, as they are often associated with lower health outcomes later in life as well as poor life course trajectories1. More than 40 percent of children have at least one chronic condition or disability, and this is further compounded for certain populations due to health disparities, such as gender, race and socioeconomic status, among others 2.

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Female children are more likely to have a chronic condition than their male counterparts3. For example, the CDC recently released a report stating that in 2021, more than 50 percent of teenage girls felt persistently sad or hopeless, which is double that of boys and represents a nearly 60 percent increase and the highest level reported over the past decade4.

In addition to gender, race is another social determinant of health that can increase a child’s likelihood of having a chronic condition. Obesity, for example, is more prevalent in children who are Hispanic or Black compared to white and non-Hispanic Asian children 5.

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Socioeconomic status can also affect the presence and ramifications of chronic conditions. The CDC says the increase in the prevalence of diabetes is due to less physical activity, poorer nutrition and less access to both healthcare and healthy food options, all of which are common in communities of lower socioeconomic status.

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Children oftentimes rely on an adult for healthy environments and to manage their conditions. When looking to improve chronic condition management and treatment for children, it’s critical to take into account the caretaker in addition to the child themselves.

By improving chronic condition management and treatment, we can contribute to making health and healthcare more equitable.


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Competition details


Global: Geography is not a barrier to participating in this program. The accelerator will be in a hybrid format with virtual options for those unable to travel for in-person components.


May 1 - June 25, 2023

Prizes include:

  • Opportunity to explore pilot or partnership of your solution with Parkview for the 2024 calendar year
  • $10,000 cash award
  • One-year global membership with MATTER

What types of solutions are we seeking?

Parkview Health has partnered with MATTER to explore, source and pilot digital and device-enabled solutions or services that address the competition focus area.

Who should apply?

This competition is open to existing startups, students, as well as anyone with an innovative idea for a product, solution or service that fits within the competition scope. All applications will be considered.

Applications are accepted until June 25, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

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Contributing partners

Parkview is proud to also be partnering with the Cincinnati Children's Hospital and the Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne for this innovation competition. With our community coming together toward this common goal, the impact will be much greater than if done alone.

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