About precision genomics

Every patient is different. Traditionally, cancer has been defined and treated based on which body part the cancer started in (such as breast, lung, colon, etc). Scientists have now learned that cancer is a disease of the DNA, and changes in the DNA can cause some breast cancers to look more like an ovarian cancer than other types of breast cancer, for example. Therefore, the most accurate and effective approach to cancer treatment today is to focus on the molecular changes that are causing the cancer to grow and spread, rather than focusing on what body organ it started in. Precision Genomics has a heavy focus on cancer care, but the program extends beyond oncology to include cardiology, neuroscience, and pharmacogenomics.

The potential of precision medicine to improve health for individual patients and larger populations is growing rapidly. Precision Genomics at Parkview provides scientific support to physicians who treat patients according to their unique DNA profile. The field of precision genomics is advancing and expanding with new scientific discoveries made nearly every day.


Precision Genomics aims to target the right clinical care to the right patients at the right time through scientific analysis and research. Parkview strives to become a leader in clinical genomics and genomic research for the benefit of our patients, providers and the scientific community at large.


Precision Genomics uses deep scientific expertise to further Parkview’s commitment to the community through the following:

  • Patient care
    The core mission of the Precision Genomics program is to provide scientific support to Parkview providers and clinicians for individual patients to promote excellent patient outcomes.
  • Education
    The Precision Genomics team provides educational sessions to Parkview providers and clinicians to ensure that our teams are well-equipped with the most current knowledge about the wide array of available genomic tests and targeted therapies.
  • Research
    The goal of genomic research is to find the relationship between genes (or groups of genes) and the functions of cells and organs in health and disease. The Precision Genomics program advances healthcare knowledge through scientific analysis of genomic data and referrals for participation in clinical trials.

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