Clinical Research Team

As a core department of the Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation, Parkview Research Center has participated in over 800 research studies since its creation in 1993. Established with a team of two people, the Clinical Research Team now exceeds 50 team members and supports research throughout the Parkview Health System and the community with over 150 active studies.

Research Administration

The Administration team is responsible for planning, reviewing and overseeing all activities and functions related to the implementation and support of research activities in both inpatient and outpatient activities.

Clinical Trials Office

The office facilitates integration among business units, ensures timely activation of studies, provides focused consultation and assistance to study teams with navigating the activation system, and ensures that the benefits thereof are sustained over time.  The office values the contributions of all, blends the skills of individual staff members and brings all clinical trials resources together with a single vision: to develop, initiate, conduct and translate quality clinical trials to meet the unmet needs of patients and the practice.


Clinical Research Team

In addition to providing and coordinating clinical care, the clinical research team have a vital role in assuring participant safety, ongoing maintenance of informed consent, integrity of protocol implementation, accuracy of data collection, data recording and follow up.