Manikin Base

provider training with manikin

Our skilled team will assist in creating clinical scenarios that challenge and improve the healthcare provider’s proficiency. Each scenario is custom tailored to meet specific objectives and video recorded, allowing clinical teams to debrief after each training scenario.

Realistic hands-on training scenarios help maintain a high level of readiness. By offering clinical scenarios tailored to meet the learning objective, healthcare professionals and first responders can learn new skills and improve existing proficiencies. This is especially important for first responders who may go longer periods of time between utilizing certain skills in the real world.

Available manikins

SimMan 3G, Trauma and Essential

Adult patient simulators designed to deliver the most realistic training possible.


Advanced, full-body birthin simulator with accurate anatomy and functionality to facilitate multi-professional obstetric training of birth management with manual and automatic delivery modes.


Realistic newborn traits and lifelike clinical feedback to train on the specific needs of neonates.


Advanced infant patient simulator ideal for training in all aspects of infant care.


Interactive pediatric simulator designed to meet the education and training needs of healthcare providers.