3D Printing

The newest 3D printing services located in the Sim Lab introduce a new level of top-tier innovation into Parkview Health. 3D printing provides a multitude of services for Parkview including tool production, surgical planning, and patient education for medical trainees and professionals.

3D printing can be utilized to recreate many different tools in the medical field.?Tools made from the 3D printer include physical therapy/occupational therapy tools, surgical/procedure practice tools, various replacement parts and tools for better patient care and staff usage throughout Parkview Health.?3D printers provide the unique opportunity to print tools in-house for a wide variety of purposes.?

Surgical planning

3D printing also provides a valuable addition to surgical planning for a number of surgeries. 3D printed models of various organs, bones, and bodily systems provide surgical teams with a physical visualization of components of the body for more comprehensive surgical planning. 3D models allow planning to go beyond printed pictures on paper to life-like recreations of biological structures surgeons can hold and examine.


3D printing allows training and education for both novice and professional healthcare workers in various medical areas. 3D models can be created for many objects, including various organs and bone structures, while helping visualize and diagnose specific structural malformations such as aortic aneurysm. 3D printing provides learners a deeper understanding of the human body and its function by offering a realistic, physical model of any bodily system imaginable.