How to Refer Patients to Parkview Precision Genomics

The Parkview Mirro Center aims to move medical research and innovation forward. Precision Genomics is an integral step in understanding human genomes and advancing modern medicine. Our referring providers contribute to the future of medicine and give patients a chance at life-changing health improvements.

To contact the Precision Genomics team:

Four things to know about precision genomics

  1. Genomic testing in Precision Medicine tailors treatments based on a patient's unique DNA, offering highly personalized therapies and early disease detection.
  2. The Parkview Precision Genomics team possesses a deep scientific understanding of how genomic variants influence disease risk and progression and can identify targeted therapies. We also assess whether these biomarkers warrant further genomic testing for patients and their family members.
  3. Genomic testing is underutilized in many medical areas. The Parkview Precision Genomics team is here to enhance access, assist with test selection and result interpretation, and provide support in navigating EMR logistics for genomics and genetics.
  4. Upon request, the Precision Genomics team can conduct retrospective analyses to identify patients who are newly eligible for new FDA-approved biomarker-targeted therapies (on-or-off-label), or additional genetic testing as new pathogenic variants emerge.