Clinical Care

Clinical practice guidelines currently recommend genetic testing for some genetic cardiovascular diseases. This testing is intended to improve disease management and reduce risk for major cardiac events. However, genetic testing is vastly underutilized for cardiology patients. In fact, testing rates are estimated to be between just 1 and 9% in patients diagnosed with inherited cardiovascular conditions with guideline indications.

The Precision Genomics program at Parkview is designed to improve these genetic testing rates for cardiovascular diseases when indicated by national guidelines and provide cutting-edge care to patients with a suspected or confirmed clinical genetic diagnosis. Our goal is to empower cardiologists and patients with genetic information that will help them make informed decisions about their health and that of their families.


The data generated from these genetic tests is essential to the advancement of cardiovascular medicine and development of new treatments for cardiovascular diseases. Precision genomics research scientists examine genomic data from our Parkview patients to identify genes that may be responsible for heart disease, thereby providing quality care while advancing our understanding of cardiovascular disease processes.


The era of precision medicine is unfolding rapidly. The Parkview Precision Genomics team offers educational sessions to Parkview providers and clinicians to ensure that they are armed with the most current and accurate information, allowing them to make the very best treatment choices for their patients.