Sponsored Projects Financial Conflict of Interest

Parkview strives to create a climate that promotes objectivity in research and sponsored projects by establishing standards such that the design, conduct, and reporting of research is free from bias resulting from financial conflicts of interest. The purpose of the Sponsored Projects Financial Conflict of Interest policy is to manage, reduce, or eliminate any actual or potential financial conflicts of interest (FCOI) that may be presented by sponsored project key personnel or investigators, as defined by this policy, in accordance with federal regulations. Questions about this policy or related procedures should be sent to OSP@parkview.com

Sponsored Projects Conflicts of Interest Policy

Travel Disclosure Form

Information regarding a significant financial interest (SFI) related to any PHS funded research that meets the criteria described by 42 CFR § 50.605 shall be made to any requestor within 5 business days. SFI information will be made available for requestors for 3 years following the most recent update of an individual’s SFI information. Requests for SFI information should be sent to OSP@parkview.com.