• Parkview Health Internal Client bookings are secured with the submission of a signed Internal Agreement.
  • Non-Profit and For-Profit Client bookings are secured with a signed contract, an ST-105/5013-C or W9, and a Certificate of Liability.
  • The Mirro Center does not host any social events.
  • Events cannot be placed on the calendar prior to one (1) calendar year from the requested event date.
  • Final counts, catering selections, and room set up requirements are due ten (10) days prior to the event date.
  • Meeting room set up is confirmed with a Mirro Event Planner prior to the event date.
  • Hanging items from walls, air wall, and ceiling is strictly prohibited.
  • All live florals must be ordered or approved by Mirro Event Planners and must be supplied from a licensed florist/wholesaler. Artificial florals are not permitted as décor.
  • All linens must be ordered by a Mirro Event Planner through an approved vendor.
  • The Mirro Center does not allow outside food or beverage to be brought into the facility. This includes packaged goods, such as candy, cookies, and snacks from an outside source. All food and or beverage items must be ordered through a Mirro Event Planner.
  • Quantities of food and beverage items ordered must accommodate the final guest count.
  • Mirro Center staff will follow ServSafe guidelines for food safety. Any requests to leave food longer than these guidelines is subject to Management approval or denial based on menu items and length of time.
  • Leftover food in any format is not permitted to be removed from the building.
  • Events requesting alcoholic beverages will be referred to Parkview’s approved vendors for beverage service. A security guard is required for these functions at $25.00/hour. Bar set up fees apply, per bar.
  • All audio visual is provided at no cost. No external audio visual or production vendors are permitted to operate inside the Mirro Center without Management approval.
  • Raffles are permitted with the submission of a gaming license. Casino nights, gambling, or “pay to play” games are not permitted.

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