Advanced Mobile Medical Simulation Lab

The Advanced Medical Simulation Lab at Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation is a state-of-the-art facility featuring some of the most advanced medical simulation technology available today. To allow even greater access to advanced medical simulation training, we now feature the Parkview Advanced Mobile Medical Simulation Lab.


Parkview Advanced Mobile Medical Simulation Lab

The Parkview Advanced Mobile Medical Simulation Lab is a fully-functional ambulance fitted with medical simulation technology. This vehicle, donated by the Wabash Fire Department, features high-fidelity manikins that display a range of human functions, including several pulse points, tears, nasal discharge, sweat, blinking, a blue light that indicates low oxygen and a chest that rises and falls to indicate respirations. 

The vehicle also accompanies a dedicated team of technicians, all with a history in the medical field, who develop and facilitate training scenarios using evidence-based research. 

Our advanced technologies and medical simulation technicians enable us to simulate realistic cardiac events, amputation, crush injuries, maternal/fetal issues, airway, medical rescues, and many more. 

With advanced medical simulation capabilities, healthcare providers and first responders in the region can develop and expand their skills in an interactive, safe learning environment.

Scenario-based Training

Scenario-based Training

Our skilled technicians create clinical scenarios that challenge and improve the healthcare provider’s proficiency. Each clinical scenario is video recorded, allowing clinical teams to debrief after each training scenario.

Realistic hands-on training scenarios help maintain a high level of readiness. By offering clinical scenarios tailored to the learning objective, healthcare professionals and first responders are able to learn new skills and improve existing skills. This is especially important for first responders who may go longer periods of time between utilizing certain skills in the real world

“The mobile SIM Lab is a great benefit for the Fort Wayne Fire Department, it enables us to do training in the stations while leaving our engine and truck companies in service and in their territories. This is a twofold benefit by allowing us to provide training for our firefighters and still be there for our community. The scenario based training provided by the Mirro SIM lab teams is well received by the firefighters because of the realistic scenarios and quality of the training”. 

— John Crawford , Assistant Chief of Emergency Medical Services, Fort Wayne Fire Department

Advancing the Delivery of Healthcare

The Advanced Medical Simulation Lab at Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation is dedicated to advancing training and skills to deliver high-quality healthcare. Whether you are a paramedic or ED physician, we can develop targeted clinical scenarios to help you advance the delivery of healthcare.

If you’re ready to take your training to the next level, please contact us at 260-266-7775 or send us a message.

Parkview Advanced Mobile Medical Simulation Lab

“I would like to express Wabash Fire Department’s gratitude and appreciation for the Parkview Mobile Sim Lab.  Each scenario-based simulation that you [Parkview Mobile Sim Lab] provide becomes a challenging learning experience.  Our guys also have not only learned from each simulation, but have gained more confidence in low-frequency, high-stress scenarios.  I am impressed and convinced that you are creating as close to a “real life” situation since our crew’s body language, speech and interventions increase with urgency when a high-fidelity manikin deteriorates.  Thank you to the staff for continuing to create scenarios, add moulage to the manikins, and give both positive and constructive feedback.”

- Andy Oswalt, EMS Director/ Assistant Chief, Wabash Fire Department

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