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Generosity Gazette - January 2019

  • Generosity Sparks Compassion
    Your support helps others pick up the pieces
  • Kindness Ensures Safety
    Improvements to EMS vehicles increase patient and co-worker well-being
  • A Little Generosity Goes a Long Way
    Making an immediate difference through the Employee Generosity Campaign
  • Walk This Way
    You’ll never know how big of a difference you make

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Parkview Foundation Newsletter (Allen County) - July 2018

  • Driving Towards Comfort
    Donors make a big difference in our smallest patients.
  • "Classic" Generosity from Donors Never Goes Out of Style
    A family gives a 'ray of sunshine' to future patients

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Parkview Huntington Foundation Newsletter - July 2018

  • Generosity Helps Families Heal
    Donors like you play a role in keeping the heart of Parkview alive.
  • Home is Where the Heart Is
    Parkview staff go above and beyond for a patient.

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Parkview LaGrange Foundation Newsletter - July 2018

  • Healing for the Body, Mind and Spirit
    Donations that bring comfort to you and your loved ones in the toughest times.
  • Donors Like You Save Lives Outside of the Hospital Walls
    Emergency medical assistance is now even closer to patient fingertips.

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Parkview Noble Foundation Newsletter - July 2018

  • Parkview Noble Hospital keeps residents on the MAP
    Thanks to you, necessary medications are possible.
  • Keeping Noble County Children Safe with Donor-Funded Care Safety Programs
    Making a WHALE of a difference.

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Parkview Wabash Foundation Newsletter - July 2018

  • Parkview Provides Comfort and Privacy for Mothers
    Thanks to donors like you, a breastfeeding pod is available at community events.
  • Kindness for Kids Program Provides Comfort at Parkview Wabash Hospital
    Long-time program gives stuffed animals to pediatric patients.

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