Signature Care Products

Signature Care products are designed to be flexible with the various plan design needs of employers. Choosing from these products is the first step in controlling the healthcare costs of area employers.

The Signature Care network can be accessed by choosing from one of our competitive products:

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

The Signature Care network offers self-funded employers two primary products: Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) and Exclusive Elite. The EPO (3 tier product) provides enhanced discounts at several of the network’s hospitals. In exchange for the improved discounts, the employer must meet certain plan design expectations for steerage to EPO and in-network facilities.

Exclusive Elite

This exclusive network option offers competitive pricing for steerage to our extensive list of in-network providers and facilities. The Elite product is a two tier plan design and is often an excellent option for groups new to our network, working toward the EPO plan design for best benefit in future plan years.

Additional Benefits

  • We have enhanced the online provider directory to make staying in network simple. Choose from more than 9,000 providers in Indiana and northwest Ohio.  Print all or just a portion of the results. And, if a specific provider is not in network, consider submitting a provider nomination form for consideration.  
  • Customized marketing materials created to meet the unique needs of employers who choose Signature Care.

When you access the Signature Care network you have the option of adding other money-saving products. Consider the trusted health network solution - Signature Care. Call today for more information 260-373-9072.