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Why Community Connect?

Parkview Community Connect, an internet-delivered system, securely connects you into the very same EpicCare System implemented in all Parkview hospitals and physician's offices. It's designed to help eliminate paperwork, increase efficiency, improve your quality of care and much more.

Why is Community Connect good for my community?

  • Patient-centered health management
  • Patient + Provider = Reaching Healthcare Goals
  • The ACTIVE participation of the patient and their families in healthcare delivery
  • Coordination of care
  • Community health and wellness
  • Proactive health surveillance within the community

Is Community Connect right for independent physicians?

Yes. Community Connect will:

  • Create a shared community record to improve the health of the population.
  • Help physicians demonstrate meaningful use.
  • Allow physicians to affiliate with Parkview Health.
  • Position independent doctors to be reimbursed under new payment models.

Will non-clinical information be shared through EpicCare?

No. You are the only one with access to your business-related information. In fact, your information is stored in a completely different service area of the EpicCare system. The Community Connect team is contractually obligated to keep your business related information strictly confidential. The information shared across the EpicCare system is clinical information.

How will you transition our current system to EpicCare?

It is our goal to make the transition from your current system to EpicCare as smooth as possible. Our team has valuable experience in supporting numerous implementations in the field. We adapt to your environment, answer your questions, and employ a total team concept that includes the expertise required to ensure a smooth and pleasant transition.

How much will the use of Community Connect cost me?

At Parkview Health, we know how important it is to access and manage health information when and where you need it. That's why we're pleased to share one of the nation's leading clinically integrated electronic medical record and practice management systems with you. And because we believe in the need for a common system that connects our communities, we're offering a cost-based model to community hospitals - and a federally supported donation of up to 75% of the program for ambulatory clinics.

Parkview Community Connect. It's a proven system at a surprisingly affordable price. To learn more, email us at, or call (260) 266-8510.