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Integrated Cancer Repository for Cancer Research (iCaRe2)- Subproject: Pancreatic Cancer Collaborative Registry

OBJECTIVES: Develop Integrated Biomedical Computing Tools (IBCT) for the better understanding and treatment of pancreatic cancer by using the power of computer and informatics sciences. Continue development of the Pancreatic Cancer Collaborative Registry (PCCR) infrastructure to act as a repository for socio-demographic, environmental, clinical, and family history data collected from individuals and interested family members with a personal and/or family history of pancreatic cancer. Participate in an international pancreatic registry known as the PCCR by sharing information collected for research purposes only, to be used by pancreatic cancer research collaborators from other institutions. Collect and bank excess biological materials (i.e., pancreatic tissue, tumor tissue, and/or metastatic pancreatic cancer tissue, and/or paraffin-embedded tissue), blood, and serum from registry participants for future research.



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