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Protocol Title: Understanding the Time and Resources Associated with SPRAVATO® Administration and Monitoring Among Patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD) in the United States (US): A Non-interventional Time and Motion Study (

Primary Objectives To characterize and quantify steps for using SPRAVATO among adult patients with treatment resistant depression (TRD) in the United States (US) To assess time and resources associated with each component of the administration and monitoring of SPRAVATO To assess whether time and resources associated with each component of the process vary based on experience gained by sites over time It is expected that HCPs at sites will gain experience/confidence over time and become more efficient as they treat more patients/conduct more SPRAVATO treatment sessions, and become more efficient with the preparation, administration and post-dose monitoring of SPRAVATO compared to sites just beginning to treat patients. Data collected for this study will be used to inform factors/clinical practices to improve operational efficiencies for SPRAVATO administration and monitoring.



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