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Incidence and Risk Factors for the Recurrence of Ampullary Polyps after Endoscopic Papillectomy: A Multicenter, Retrospective Study

Central Hypothesis: Histological and endoscopic features of the papilla impact recurrence. Recurrence is higher in patients with Familial adenomatous polyposis than with sporadic adenomas of the papilla. Specific Aim #1: Rate of recurrence of ampullary adenomas in patients with and without familial adenomatous polyposis after a long-term follow-up. Specific Aim #2: Clinical, pathological and histological factors associated with the recurrence of disease in patients undergoing endoscopic papillectomy in patients with FAP and sporadic ampullary adenomas. Specific Aim #3: Description of the management of recurrent polyps after endoscopic papillectomy.



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