Assessing your Workforce

Parkview Workplace Wellness offers many different ways to assess your workforce.  Blood tests can be performed to determine the health of individual employees and allow you, as the employer, to receive a report summarizing the overall health of your employees.  Assessments can identify moderate to severe health conditions to your employees.

Health Risk Assessment

Health risk assessments provide a systematic way to collect information about lifestyle factors that might put the health of your employees at risk. The process provides personal feedback to your employees and links each one to at least one intervention to promote better health, sustain good health or prevent disease.  The assessments are also compiled in a report to give a general overview of the health of your employees.

A typical health risk assessment collects demographic information (gender, age), lifestyle (smoking, exercise, alcohol consumption, diet), and personal and family medical history. Physiological data (height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels) is also  measured during the assessment.

Because of busy lifestyles, it could be easy for your employees to put results aside to read later. By allowing your employees to choose the most useful format for results, we help you ensure that individuals view their results,  increasing the probability that necessary follow up will be completed.

Options for follow up include:

  • Workplace presentation
  • Individual consultations in person or by phone  
  • Personal delivery of results by company representative in a sealed envelope
  • Customized mailing to individuals’ homes
  • Group results presented to corporate administration or company wellness committee

Biometric Data Collection

Parkview Workplace Wellness professionals will provide biometric measurements at your worksite. Collecting this information from your employees can help determine the health status of individuals within your workforce.  This information can be used to help determine the focus of a wellness program.

Measurements can include but are not limited to:

  • Blood Pressure  
  • Resting Pulse    
  • Body Fat    
  • Body Mass Index   
  • Height & Weight   
  • Waist & Hip Measurements