Parkview Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer


Josh Sidener

Joshua Sidener, LAT, ATC

Assigned to: North Side High School

Education: Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from University of Toledo, Master of Science in Athletic Training from East Stroudsburg University

It's Personal:  "I feel like on top of being able to figure things out and fix them, I am placed in these athletes' lives when sometimes they might not have a positive influence to rely on. I am also placed in a time of their lives that is extremely confusing and tough to navigate. I also feel that for some kids a potential season-ending injury might be the toughest thing they've gone through in their young lives. I get to shepherd them through not only the physical rehab of the injury, but also the mental and emotional development that has to occur to really get them through recovery. I think that investing my time and care into these athletes make's every aspect of the job more effective and fulfilling. I think garnering and developing that trust is so vital and necessary for real relationships with all of the athletes."

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