PSM director Tommy Schoegler serves as Principal For A Day at South Side

October 21, 2021

tommy principal for a day
Tommy Schoegler, middle, with South Side High School assitant
principal April Castator, left, and athletic director Torrey Curry, right.

It was back-to-school for Parkview Sports Medicine executive director Tommy Schoegler, who served as Principal For A Day on October 21 at South Side High School.

Tommy is one of 41 guest principals representing local businesses, service organizations and community groups spending the morning with students across Fort Wayne Community Schools.

He welcomed students as they arrived to school, met teachers in their classrooms, and learned about school operations with assistant principal April Castator and athletic director Torrey Curry.

"I had a blast spending the day with the Archers," Tommy says. "Parkview Sports Medicine has had long partnership with South Side and Fort Wayne Community Schools, and it was great to see how the students, staff and administrators work so well together."

South Side High School is celebrating its centennial school year in 2021-22.

To see a full list of the Fort Wayne Community Schools Principals For A Day, click here.


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