#TherapyThursday: New TPI warmup improving golfers' game

August 15, 2019

FORT WAYNE, Ind. - Parkview Sports Medicine is helping golfers improve their game with a warmup routine.

TherapyONE director Robert Norton PT, ATC, TPI, and the Titleist Performance Institute worked to design the warmup for golfers to do on the course, at home, at school, in the locker room or in the gym.

TPI did a study that measured the club head speed, ball speed and carry distance of three different golfing groups: a range group, a resistance band group and a body resistance exercise group.

Norton, who has authored a book on golfing exercises and stretches, says the study found the only group that did not improve was the range group. The resistance band and resistance exercise groups improved their clubhead speed and carry distance.

A second TPI study looked at the effectiveness of a common 2-club golf swing warmup.

“This study showed that not only did this technique not work, it actually had a reduction on clubhead speed up to 30 percent in some cases,” Norton says.

The pre-round warmup is about 10 minutes long; and Norton adds the routine ultimately should allow golfers to avoid the driving range prior to going to first tee.

For more information, contact Rob Norton by email. The studies are available here.

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