Group Exercise Classes

The Parkview Health & Fitness Center offers a variety of group exercise classes to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you’re looking for the fun vigor of Zumba® or the serenity of Yoga. Most classes are adaptable to any fitness level, and instructors are subject to change. Find a class that works best for you, and join us for our next session.

Beginner Yoga

Yoga means to unite the body, mind and spirit. This Beginner Yoga class blends balance, strength, flexibility and power so you can boost your physical and mental resilience. This class demystifies traditional yoga, and is practical and user-friendly. This class is also offered at Fitness Yoga for more advanced yogis. Shannon teaches this class.

Fitness Yoga

Based on the physical and mental strength building exercises and postures of hatha yoga, Fitness Yoga blends balance, strength, flexibility and power. This class demystifies traditional yoga, is practical and user-friendly. Fitness Yoga is also offered as Beginner Fitness Yoga to accommodate all fitness levels. Heather or Helen teaches this class.


Increase the strength of your power house and improve your flexibility with Pilates. A series of mat exercises targets your abdominals, lower back, hips and buttocks to help you achieve a flat stomach, balanced legs and strong back. Pilates also helps you improve your circulation, breathing and posture. Becky, Pam or Michele teaches this class.


Can’t decide between yoga and Pilates? Now you don’t have to! Yogalates fuses the postures and breathing techniques of yoga with the movements and exercises of Pilates. When practiced regularly, this total-body workout can strengthen your core and lower back; tone your muscles; and improve your posture, balance, flexibility and concentration. It can also help you restore your energy and fitness levels by calming your mind and spirit. LuAnn teaches this class.

Power Yogalates

This class is just like Yogalates – but with 1- and 2-pound arm and leg weights. It’s a great way to boost your strength, improve your posture and restore your energy level. LuAnn teaches this class.


Inspired by Pilates and yoga movements, PiYo® is a low-impact, high-energy workout that can improve your balance, strength and flexibility. You’ll burn calories and visibly improve your muscle tone. There are no weights, no jumps and no bulk. Try this wonderfully dynamic and endlessly variable workout today. Michele teaches this class.


Put on your dancing shoes, and join the party. Zumba integrates upbeat, energizing Latin music, entertainment and easy-to-follow choreography to create a fun, effective exercise class. Varying rhythms are combined to tone and sculpt your body. LuAnn or Michele teaches this class.

Groove 'N Tone

Get into shape, feel great and have fun exercising with Groove ‘N Tone. During this class, easy-to-follow, low-impact cardio movements are combined with light weight toning sticks to help improve your balance, strengthen your abdominal muscles, enhance your gluteal muscles and boost your hip flexibility. Pam teaches this class.

Total Fitness

Fun, invigorating choreography and aerobic exercises are just this beginning of this rejuvenating class. Total Fit also incorporates weight training, abdominal conditioning and stretching to provide you with an effective total-body workout. Helen teaches this class.

Fitness Potpourri

Sometimes you’ll work with weights, and in other classes, you’ll focus on cardio. And there are some cases where you’ll do both – weight and cardio! No matter the workout, you’ll be sure to target all major muscle groups in a fun and exciting class. Not to mention, your body will produce more of those “feel-good” chemicals called endorphins to boost your mood. Michele teaches this class.


Tabata is the perfect class if you’re looking for a total-body, high-intensity interval training workout. You’ll perform a cardio or strength training exercise for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of active recovery. You’ll complete eight sets. Then, you’ll switch it up and perform a new exercise, repeating the same process. Each of these four-minute dynamic intervals contains simple, yet intense, movements that can help you improve stamina and increase fat loss. Pam teaches this class. 

Cardio Combo*

If you are searching for an effective calorie-burning workout, Cardio Combo is the answer. You will keep moving and learn how to tone your entire body through high-energy exercises, including plyometric and cardio intervals. Pam teaches this class.

Cardio Weight Combo*

Upbeat floor routines, cardio exercises and strength training intervals will help you tone your muscles and burn calories. Cool down with an abdominal workout and stretching routine. Becky teaches this class.

Power Cardio

Jump, kick and punch your way through this total-body fitness class. Power Cardio integrates intervals of high-intensity plyometric, cardio and strength training to challenge you and leave you feeling refreshed. An abdominal workout and stretching routine will help you develop long, lean muscles. This class may meet outdoors, weather permitting. Becky teaches this class.

Cycle ‘N Tone

Cycle ‘N Tone offers approximately 25 minutes of cycling and 25 minutes of a barre-inspired workout. You will use the bicycle as a barre while completing small, isometric movements to tone your core, arms, glutes and thighs. Each strength interval is followed by stretching to develop long, lean muscles without bulk. Registration is required one week prior to the class you wish to attend, as space is limited. Pam teaches this class.

Pedal Power

Taught on a spinning bicycle, Pedal Power involves various cycling drills for a vigorous cardio workout, and it helps tone your legs, hips and abdominals. Registration is required one week prior to the class you wish to attend, as space is limited. Becky or Heather teaches this class.

Pedal Power with Abs

Pedal Power with Abs takes cycling to the next level with additional core conditioning, strengthening and toning. Pam or Heather teaches this class.


Work every major muscle group to fatigue. This class is excellent for boosting your resting metabolism and burning extra calories throughout the day. Pam or Helen teaches this class.

Resistance Training

Increase your strength and endurance with Resistance Training. You’ll use resistance bands, dumbbells, body bars and your body weight to enhance your bone strength, muscular strength and metabolism. This class ends with abdominal work and stretching. Pam teaches this class.

Senior Stretchers

Senior Stretchers offers strengthening, toning and stretching as a comprehensive exercise program. Most exercises are completed sitting in a chair, while some incorporate the use of a floor mat. This class is open to adults age 55 and older. Shauna teaches this class.

*These exercise classes are recommended for intermediate to advanced fitness levels.

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