Tai Chi Classes

The Parkview Center for Healthy Living offers several movement classes, including Tai Chi. Call us at (260) 266-6500 for the details about the next available session.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi Chuan means supreme ultimate fist. Though Tai Chi originated as a martial art, it has become recognized as a gentle, yet effective exercise and healing program that can be used by almost everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. Tai Chi is a low-impact exercise done in slow motion. Its effects and benefits are gradual and natural.

When practiced regularly, Tai Chi can help:

  • Improve your balance and circulation
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • The flexibility of your joints
  • Improve your breathing and coordination
  • Strengthen organs and nerves
  • Stretch your muscles
  • You develop a quiet peace within
  • Relax you, physically and emotionally
  • Reduce and/or manage stress
  • You gain mental clarity