Massage therapy

You deserve to be pampered. To relax and release the tensions of everyday life. To regain tranquility, your sense of balance, the feeling of just being yourself.

Our staff at the Parkview Center for Healthy Living are here to help you find that needed balance between life's responsibilities and relaxation. Our licensed massage therapists are specially trained in therapeutic massage techniques to help alleviate your pain and promote wellness.  Their goal is to help your body relax, enliven your senses and promote wellness. 

Call us at 260-266-6500 to schedule your massage.

Massage options

One-hour Swedish massage
This stress-reduction and general relaxation massage involves techniques on feet, legs, hands, arms, face, neck, shoulders and back.

Cost: $65

Therapeutic massage
This massage involves the manipulation of soft-tissue structure to help alleviate pain, muscle spasm and stress.

Cost: $65

Prenatal massage
This massage offers a wonderful way to relax, increase energy and relieve the discomforts of pregnancy. It can also help you prepare for the birthing process by increasing awareness of areas of tension, allowing you to practice proper relaxation techniques during the massage.

Cost: $65

Deep tissue massage
This massage is deep therapy used on one area to help release trigger points and constricted muscle and can help with the build-up of scar tissue.

Cost: $65

Lymph drainage massage
This relaxing treatment helps restore and increase the flow of lymph throughout your body. It is beneficial for inflammation, chronic pain, headaches, sprained joints and sinus and allergy problem.

Cost: $65

This treatment is designed for your hands or feet.  Those skilled in reflexology believe points in our feet and hands correspond to other parts of our body.  Reflexology can be beneficial for many issues including headaches, sinus problems, PMS, indigestion and plantar fasciitis.

Cost: $65

Biofreeze  provides penetrating, long-lasting relief from arthritis, sore muscles and joints and back pain. Its unique menthol-containing formula penetrates quickly, preventing or relieving pain through cold therapy. Biofreeze is 100 percent paraben-free and propylene glycol free.

Available at the Woodland Plaza and Parkview Noble locations in roll-on, spray and gel.

60-minute hot stone massage

Cost: $80

Seated massage

Cost: $1 per minute

Revitalizing foot treatment

Cost: $35

Paraffin treatment

Feet or hands: $10
Feet and hands: $15

Pampering additions: aromatherapy, hot towels, peppermint foot treatment

Cost: $5