Programs and services

Your health and well-being encompasses every part of your life, including your mind, body, spirit and community. At the Parkview Center for Healthy Living, we offer numerous programs and services to help you begin or continue your personal well-being journey. 

We update our programs on a monthly basis, so make sure to check out our event calendar regularly. If you want to attend a class, schedule an appointment or ask a question, call us at 260-266-6500 or toll free 844-835-0003.

Our program categories

Our programs are based around four topics of living well. Learn more about them below.

Live Well: Learning Series

We offer a variety of educational programs and workshops through the Live Well: Learning Series. Physicians and health care professionals provide you with the latest medical, nutrition and exercise information. Programs include Freedom from Smoking, Stress Relief and Mindfulness Meditation, Asthma Questions & Answers and much more.

Live Well: Healing Arts

Parkview Health, in collaboration with Fort Wayne Dance Collective, offers Healing Arts, a program that integrates literary, movement, music and visual arts into your well-being journey. The program includes drum circles, painting workshops and mindfulness journaling courses.

Live Well: Nutrition

Our team of registered dietitian nutritionists offers monthly programming to help educate you on the latest nutrition trends, meal planning ideas, heart healthy diets and eating strategies for greater well-being. We also offer a variety of cooking demonstrations.   

Live Well: Screenings

We offer a variety of low- and no-cost health screening opportunities to help you know your numbers. You can take advantage of foot screenings, bone density screenings, height and weight measurement checks and a variety of lab work options. Our Check-up Days are our flagship programming for these low- and no-cost health screenings.