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Parkview Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer

Mary Cuson

Mary Cuson, MS, ATC, LAT

Assigned to: Wayne High School

Experience: 12 years as an athletic trainer

Education: Bachelor's degree in Science from Purdue University, Master's degree in Exercise Science from University of Toledo

It's Personal:  "Throughout my own high school career, I was presented with multiple road blocks to my own athletic career due to injury. Initially, I anticipated going into physical therapy, and began my educational career at Purdue. This is where I was introduced to athletic training, and this is where I learned I could be the voice for those who are injured. I learned that athletic training truly isn't just a career; it is a call to action in greater purpose. I learned how to keep athletes safe, and return them as quickly as possible. I chose to sacrifice a career in physical therapy to help heal the broken in the high schools that may not have had access to proper healthcare any other way. I chose to be their bridge to the sports medicine world to give them the best care possible; because no one was there to do it for me. These kids deserve the best care; and because, one day, I hope my sons have an athletic trainer that cares about them as much as I care for these kids."

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