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Parkview Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer

Christina Ehle-Fails

Christina Ehle-Fails, MS, ATC/L

Assigned to: Snider High School

Experience: 25 years as an athletic trainer, 24 years as a biology teacher in Fort Wayne Community Schools

Education: Bachelor of Science in Human Biology with minor in Athletic Training from University of Indianapolis, Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from Indiana University-Fort Wayne, Master's degree in Secondary Education Administration from Indiana University-Fort Wayne

It's Personal:  "This is the greatest job on Earth! The relationships I have made in the past 25 years have brought me so much pride and tremendous joy. Athletes and their families have made me a better person in every aspect. I’ve seen athletics change the lives of people for generations to come. I strive to love and support our athletes in every way possible. My only wish on my legacy is that I would be considered someone who was always there and gave my best no matter the circumstances."

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