Local athletes shine at Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals

July 29, 2019

courtesy Turnstone


EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - Turnstone's track & field team took home 3rd place as a team at the 2019 Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals. The team of 5 from Northeast Indiana did very well, individually by winning first place in several swimming and track events.


·Maggie Peters – 1st Place* – 200 Yard Swim, 6 Mile Bike & 1 Mile Run 

Time: 26:48
      *Top finisher regardless of classification and gender

·Maggie Peters, Zachariah Pfenning, & Zebidiah Pfenning -1st Place Team Relay

Time: 23:37*

*16 minutes & 46 seconds faster than 2nd place team



·Zebidiah Pfenning – 1st Place*

Score: 185 Preliminary & 95 Finals

*Top score regardless of classification and gender



·Zachariah Pfenning – 2nd Place Cub Compound - Score: 490

·Zephira Pfenning – 1st Place Bowmen Compound - Score: 330



·Maggie Peters – 1st Place 50 Yard Breaststroke Time: 42.82 (Personal Record)

1st Place 200 Yard Freestyle Time: 2:31.00 (National Record) 

1st Place 50 Yard Freestyle Time: 30.08

1st Place 100 Yard Breaststroke Time: 1:33.06

1st Place 100 Yard Butterfly Time: 1:13.56

1st Place 100 Yard Freestyle Time: 1:07.70

1st Place 100 Yard Backstroke Time: 1:25.58

1st Place 4x50 Yard Individual Medley Time: 2:55.35  

·Zachariah Pfenning – 1st Place 50 Yard Backstroke Time: 56.06 



·Caytlin Lucas – 1st Place 400m Time: 1:58.72

·Maggie Peters – 1st Place 100m Time: 15.67      

1st Place 200m Time: 31.87 (National Record) 

1st Place 400m Time: 1:10.36


·Zachariah Pfenning –  1st Place 100m Time: 16.39

1st Place 200m Time: 34.60

1st Place 400m Time: 1:20.37


·Zebidiah Pfenning – 2nd Place 100m Time: 15.18

1st Place 400m Time: 1:10.54

2nd Place 200m Time: 31.44

·Zephira Pfenning – 3rd Place 100m Time: 28.89

3rd Place 200m Time: 1:00.86

3rd Place 60m Time: 19.28

2nd Place 400m Time: 2:04.09



·Caytlin Lucas –  1st Place Discus Distance: 6.83(National Record)

1st Place Shot Distance: 2.95

·Maggie Peters – 1st Place Discus Distance: 17.56 (National Record) 

1st Place Shot Distance: 6.52 (National Record) 

1st Place Long Jump Distance: 3.52(National Record) 

1st Place Javelin Distance: 13.28 (National Record) 


·Zephira Pfenning – 1st Place Javelin Distance: 7.59(Personal Record)

                                            1st Place Shot Distance: 2.99


·Zachariah Pfenning –  1st Place Shot Distance: 5.33 

1st Place Javelin Distance: 17.64

                                                1st Place Discus Distance: 21.60 

·Zebidiah Pfenning –  1st Place Javelin Distance: 21.66

                                                1st Place Shot Distance: 5.77

                                                1st Place Long Jump Distance: 4.23

Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals is a competition for young athletes with physica disablilities and/or visual impairments, and was held July 15th - 20th in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Fort Wayne and Turnstone hosted Adaptive Sports USA Junior Nationals in 2018.

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