Sexual Health

Why should I care about my sexual health?

Your sexuality is an important part of living a fulfilling life. Protecting your sexual health is no different than taking care of yourself in other ways – it is one of the keys to a happy, healthy life. 

What are the risks?

It is estimated that 15.3 million new cases of sexually transmitted disease are reported every year. Women are more vulnerable to STDs than men. This is a risk that cannot be taken lightly.

What can I do to take control of my sexual health?

Don’t neglect your regular checkups. This is the time to discuss your sexual activity and any concerns you may have. Open communication with your doctor is critical to uncover possible risks, diagnose any illnesses and guide you in decision making. If you are embarrassed to discuss these issues, try making a list of questions, or ask to see a female doctor if doing so would put you more at ease.

Another way to take control of your sexual health is to ask questions of your partner and build a relationship of trust before engaging in sexual intercourse. His sexual history affects you, and a responsible partner will openly share past issues or concerns. If you are in doubt, use protection or practice abstinence.