Postpartum Depression

post partum

Why am I feeling this way?

Being a new mom comes with multiple challenges and many lifestyle adjustments. Sometimes, you may need a little extra support and need to be aware of postpartum medical conditions. If you are concerned about your moods or feelings, you should contact your doctor.

What are the “baby blues”?

Are you experiencing mood swings or feeling sad? Do you just start crying and don’t know why? You might be experiencing “baby blues” – an emotional response associated with hormonal changes, typically occurring within the first two weeks post-pregnancy. “Baby blues” is common and usually fades quickly.

What is postpartum depression?

Are you feeling worthless and guilty? Do you fear you will hurt your baby, yourself or someone else? Perhaps you have withdrawn from your family; your eating and sleeping patterns have changed; or you are no longer interested in caring for your baby.

You may be experiencing postpartum depression — a serious medical condition that can develop within the first few months post-pregnancy and last as long as a year. Moms suffering with postpartum depression may also experience reduced libido, fatigue, sadness and anxiety.

Studies show hormonal changes are the likely cause. Most women recover with the help of support groups or counseling.

If you feel you need help or are trying to help someone important to you who is in crisis – don’t try to “go it alone.” We can help you access the specific type of assistance you need.

Simply call the Parkview Behavioral Health’s HelpLine at (260) 373-7500 or (800) 284-8439, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our dedicated assessment specialists can answer your questions, provide recommendations and help arrange care.

Parkview Behavioral Health’s HelpLine provides:

  • Confidential assessments at our Beacon Street facility
  • Services specific to the needs of children, adolescents, adults and seniors
  • Information and referrals
  • Admission assistance
  • Insurance verification and pre-certification
  • Financial counseling (in conjunction with inpatient treatment)