Brittany Wessel


Brittany Wessel, RN, BSN

Birth Planner
Parkview DeKalb Hospital

(260) 920-2510

As a nurse, lactation consultant and birth planner, Brittany Wessel has over eight years of combined experience. She has been a registered nurse since 2011. She first joined the Family Birthing Center at Parkview in 2015 and has worked with Parkview DeKalb Hospital since 2019. She enjoys educating new parents and helping them create the birth experience they envision as they welcome their child into the world.  As a mother of one son, Brittany loves to share in the joy that a new baby brings to a family.

Parkview Women's and Children's Hospital


Parkview DeKalb Hospital
Family Birthing Center

1316 E. 7th Street
Auburn, IN 46706

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