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PPG – Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery offers a weight loss approach that is medically proven to help patients who are dedicated to making lifestyle changes that will improve their health.

Every appointment here at PPG - Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery is one-on-one. Each patient is on their own unique weight loss journey with their own story, challenges, and strategy to achieve health. What works for one patient may not work for another. Here, you will meet with the physicians, nurse practitioners, licensed mental health counselor, and dietitians individually to collaboratively form your plan for success.

Alongside lifestyle counseling and medication management, nutritional education is also a large component of our program. We provide patients with practical dietary and behavior modification options to use in everyday life. We provide support, accountability, and guidance for you to achieve life-long success with your weight loss goals. We want the things you learn at PPG – Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery to stick with you for many years to come.

Additionally, you will be offered multiple meal plan options and a direct link to health and wellness resources right next door at the Parkview Center for Healthy Living

A meal replacement program is also available for those interested. Meal replacements are an excellent option if time is hard to come by. These supplements should not be considered as a replacement for all nutrition, but as one more tool in the shed to defeat unhealthy weight.

At PPG - Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery we recognize that exercise is not the key to weight loss. Yes, you read that correctly. Exercise is an integral way to promote heart and lung health, mental well-being, and to fight disease—but it is a terrible way to lose weight without additional lifestyle modifications. That said, we DO support movement and have many referral programs to help you meet your individualized movement goals. This includes the Parkview Health and Fitness Center, the Parkview YMCA, and referrals to physical/aquatic therapy. Each of these programs are here to meet you where you are and help you start incorporating more movement into your daily life.


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PPG – Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery is a comprehensive, holistic, evidence-based program designed to review every aspect of the patient to provide meaningful tools and guidance to achieve lifetime health and wellness.

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