Parkview Regional Medical Center - Short Stay Unit (SSU)

The Short Stay Unit is for patients who require hospital care for up to 23 hours. This includes evaluation, testing, treatment, medical and surgical care.

The dedicated team of Short Stay nurses and patient care technicians are eager to provide excellent care. They evaluate each patient to make sure they can safely return home.  They also help determine when a patient’s condition requires continued care in the hospital.


The Short Stay Unit is located on the second floor of Parkview Regional Medical Center, rooms 2139 to 2147, near entrance 1.

From Entrance 1 – Main Lobby

  • Park in front of entrance 1, main hospital entrance.
  • Take elevator, found behind information desk, to floor 2
  • Exit elevator, turn left
  • Continue through the surgical lounge
  • Continue past the chapel
  • Continue down hallway, past interfaith room
  • Just before elevators (on your left), turn left and go through the double-doors
  • Immediately turn left and continue through second set of double-doors, which is the entrance to the Short Stay Unit.
  • Rooms 2139-2147 are straight ahead

From Entrance 2A

  • Park in the lot for Women’s and Children’s hospital, the P2 parking area
  • Look for entrance 2A. This is the “Women’s and Children’s” entrance
  • Enter the hospital and turn left
  • Immediately turn left again (hallway to Dining/Gift Shop)
  • Continue down hallway until you come upon a set of elevators
  • Take elevator to 2, not 2R
  • Exit elevator, turn left
  • Short Stay Unit entrance is straight ahead, through the double-doors
  • Short Stay Unit rooms 2139-2147 are straight ahead


Amenities include

  • Private rooms for 1-2 visitors
  • Semi-private restrooms
  • In-room televisions 
  • Room service-style menu
  • Family and friends are welcome to visit during regular visiting hours. After-hours patients will be directed by a staff member.

We are here for YOU

Your care and safety are important to us. During a stay in the SSU, we encourage you to:

  • Ask questions - Our team is willing to help
  • Communicate any concerns to your caregivers
  • Ask for help before getting out of bed to avoid falling

Going Home

Your doctor will sign discharge orders when it is time for you to go home. Please plan for a friend or relative to drive you home. Prior to leaving the hospital, a nurse will review discharge instructions, which will help you continue to get better at home.

Sometimes patients need to stay in the hospital a little longer. When additional care is necessary, you may be moved to another room in the hospital.  Your healthcare team will inform you and your family on the best plan of care.


For questions or concerns, please call the Short Stay Unit at 266-5001.