Organization Name:  *Address of Organization:  *Primary Contact Name:  *Primary Contact Phone Number:  *Primary Content Email Address:  *Purpose/Mission:  *Is your Organization a non-profit or not-for-profit?  *Amount Requested:  *What type of funding are you requesting (i.e.:cash grant, matching grant, in-kind donation, etc.)?  *Do you have a contact or relationship with anyone within Parkview?  *Are you open to logo placement on T-shirts or jerseys?  *Do you maintain an active website?  *If yes, do you allow sponsors a space for logos on your website? Do you use social media?  *How many people participate in your organization or program annually?  *What are the demographics of your members/attendees?  *Is signage placement available at your event location?  *Do you publish and distribute an event program?  *Are sponsors able to provide public service announcements at events?  *How many attendees do you expect?  *Where is your program or event located?  *Will you have other sponsors?  *Is, or has, your organization received funding from any other Parkview entity or affiliate?  *Would you be willing to provide names and addresses of your members/attendees in order for Parkview Health to share health-related information with them?  *Positive outcomes for your organization from this sponsorship/support include:  *Positive outcomes for your community from this sponsorship include:  *rkview’s mission is to improve health of our community. Please briefly explain how your organization strives to promote this mission.  *Parkview Sports Medicine is asking all current and new partners to participate/volunteer in activities and/or initiative focused around our mission. Is this something your organization or program would be willing to be a participant/volunteer of?  *

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