Family MD for Preventive Care

Wellness care. Not just for kids.

Wellness care makes for healthy mind, body and spirit. Avoid growth and development issues and chronic illness by taking steps to ensure that you are on track to be the healthiest you can be, no matter your age.

Be healthy. Stay healthy.

Now's the time to work with your care team on proper nutrition, sleep and physical activity. Let us help you make healthy choices.

Visits to the doctor when you are feeling under the weather are not enough. Even when you are healthy, you need regular check-ups, too. Wellness visits are regular sit-downs with your primary care provider to review your health and overall well-being.

Wellness visits can provide preventive care and serve as early detection should something get in the way of your overall health or your child’s growth and development.

Wellness visits consist of: 

  • Medical history and physical exam
  • Growth and development check (for kids)
  • Nutrition evaluation and education
  • Scheduled immunizations
  • Health education
  • Referrals for diagnosis and/or treatment when needed
  • Sports physical
  • Completion of required school, sport and extracurricular activity forms for kids

Questions may be asked about your past medical history, current medications and family history to give your provider a better understanding of health risks you or your child may be subject to.

Physical exams consist of, but are not limited to, taking blood pressure and pulse; vision and hearing screenings; feeling neck for swollen lymph nodes or enlarged thyroid; feeling the abdomen for problems with spleen, liver and kidneys; listening to lung and heart sounds; and testing reflexes, joint flexibility and muscle strength.

You may be asked questions about diet, sleep schedule, habits and support system.

For kids, a sports physical determines your child’s ability to safely participate in sports. When performed by a school or clinic, a sports physical does not take the place of your child’s routinely scheduled well-child visit with a primary care provider. Well-child visits include a sports exam. Please indicate if your child will need a sports exam during your teen’s wellness visit, and proper documentation will be provided.

Many insurance plans now cover up to 100% of wellness and immunization visits for you and your children. Check with your insurance provider for details of your plan’s coverage.