Sports physicals

Before your child starts to play a sport, it is important to get a sports physical. Most sports programs require a sports physical before your child can play. Sports physicals give you, the physician and your child’s coaches facts to help protect your child while they participate in the sport.

A sports physical should be incorporated into a well-child visit and conducted by a pediatrician or family doctor. During this exam, the physician will do a thorough exam of your child, and then ask additional questions pertaining to the specific sports the child is participating in. The doctor can address any prior injuries and the healing process, including therapy. These exams also give the physician time to discuss things like proper sports nutrition and safe ways to improve performance.

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Before your child’s sports physical, please take time to fill out your child’s physical evaluation form, typically provided by the school. Having this filled out prior to your visit gives the physician an overview of your child’s medical history and allows them to spend the rest of the appointment conducting the physical exam.

Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) Physical Evaluation Form

View IHSAA Physical Evaluation Form

Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form

View OHSAA Physical Evaluation Form