Pediatric Inpatient Care

Pediatric hospital medicine specialists

Illness and injury are common for growing children, and most of the time they can be treated by your child’s primary care provider. Occasionally, it requires a stay in the hospital for a period of time. During their stay at Parkview Regional Medical Center, your child may be under the care and supervision of our fellowship-trained pediatrician and clinical staff. Our pediatric hospital medicine team is experienced and provides 24-hour care for children of all ages during their visit.

Our pediatric hospital medicine team works in collaboration with your child’s primary care provider by keeping them informed on your child’s condition during their hospital stay, and provides them with a detailed report of the care your child received, as well as any necessary follow-up care.

Pediatric critical care team in the Parkview Pediatric ICU

The Parkview Pediatric Intensive Care Unit inside Parkview Regional Medical Center serves as the region’s resource for critically ill and injured children. Physician specialists, specially-trained critical care nurses and advanced technology allows us to provide your child with the most sophisticated intensive care. The hospital’s emergency room physicians and staff are trained in pediatric advanced life support and are assisted by pediatric intensive care unit nurses and the team at Parkview’s Level II Adult and Pediatric Trauma Center.

When faced with a life-threatening condition, our pediatric critical care team is here to provide the advanced medical care your child needs. Our pediatric critical care specialists make caring for very sick children their specialty and work round-the-clock to offer complex medicine and treatment options unique to the pediatric intensive care unit.

Child life specialists

For a child, a trip to the hospital may be scary and intimidating. A child life specialist's role is to reduce the fear, anxiety and pain that your child may experience.

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