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Parkview Sports Medicine's (PSM) sports performance program builds athletes through athletic development training for all ages and ability levels. Supported by PSM’s medically integrated team of certified strength and conditioning specialists, certified athletic trainers, physical therapists and the area’s only board-certified sports dietitians, we develop the whole athlete – from the foundation up.

PSM Performance offers performance programs for athletes in our club sports teams, at PSM-affiliated high schools and at monthly drop-in classes for both in-season and off-season training.

Our performance programs foster an environment where everyone can develop. Structured programming follows a progression from teaching proper technique to maximizing speed, strength, agility and power. For both new and seasoned athletes, PSM Performance has you covered.

Any athlete. Any age. Any skill level.

PSM Performance Programs
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PSM Performance Training Programs

Our performance training programs all begin with a personalized, one-on-one consultation with one of our certified performance specialists. This individual consultation includes an injury risk and performance assessment, plus a discussion of your goals and sport-specific needs. Getting to know you and your goals helps us design a program that will generate results.

Call us at 260-266-4007 to schedule your free one-on-one assessment.

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PSM Performance EDGE Program

The PSM Performance EDGE program is a high-intensity, personalized performance training program built to help athletes reach the next level in their sport. It’s a way for you to take a step up in your training and gain an edge on your competition.

Training will focus on the speed, agility, flexibility and strength needed to play your sport at the next level. Sport-specific skill training is essential, but so is athletic development. The better athlete you become, the more you can maximize your skills.

Why Choose the EDGE?

  • Individual attention: the EDGE program is built around you, beginning with our one-on-one assessment. To create an effective training program, we need to understand your goals, sport-specific needs and schedule.
  • Flexible training: an annual EDGE membership doesn't mean you're training in our facility year-round - it means that we'll adapt to fit your schedule. In the offseason, you may be working out with us to make gains when others aren't, while in-season we may be consulting with you on nutrition or providing dynamic stretching workouts online to help you recover and stay healthy.
  • Advanced training: With smaller class sizes, our staff is able to work closer with each athlete. Training alongside other committed athletes ramps up the intensity and fosters an environment for growth. If you train with us during your club season, we'll be able to modify those workouts for you as well so that you can get more out of the club sessions.
  • Staff expertise: our staff has trained over 100 college-bound athletes in the last two years along. Coupled with the consistent testing and measuring of progress, plus access to national and local athletic testing data, we're able to give you the tools to succeed.
  • Nutrition: Proper nutrition can be a differentiator when it comes to reaching the peak of athleticism. Our registered sports dietitian will consult with you to help you learn how to fuel yourself for peak performance. You'll also have access to DEXA body composition scans that can identify areas of strength and weakness, and help tailor training to address them.

Program Details

What: PSM Performance EDGE training
When: Schedule varies
Who: Athletes in grades 6-12
Where: SportONE/Parkview Fieldhouse, Entrance 3
Cost: $500 annual membership

Call us at 260-266-4007 to schedule your free one-on-one assessment.

PSM Performance Adult Fitness

The new PSM Performance adult fitness program is here to help you reach your fitness goals. Morning, noon or evening - there's an adult fitness class at the SportONE/Parkview Fieldhouse at the perfect time for you. 

These functional fitness classes are designed to build strength, flexibility and mobility through body weight exercises, core strengthening exercises and more. 

Are you starting out on a fitness journey? Try our beginner classes and track your progress alongside others working towards the same goals.

Experienced athlete looking to keep competing in your favorite sports? Ramp up the intensity in our advanced sessions as you push yourself to improve your performance. 

Classes are led by certified PSM Performance staff with decades of sports performance training experience.

Adult fitness participants also get two DEXA body composition scans for the price of one. They’re a great way to see your progress and identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. You’ll also get a consultation with our certified sports dietitian on staff to help you analyze your results and create a nutrition plan going forward.

Check out the adult fitness schedule and register for classes today.

The PSM Performance Philosophy

PSM Performance exists to improve all athletes, regardless of age, sport or skill level. We develop athletes that are foundationally strong, guided by our Long Term Athletic Development Pyramid.

Our performance programs emphasize speed, strength, agility, endurance and injury prevention based on the athlete’s age and skill level. The pyramid serves as a guideline for how our athletes train, beginning with foundational skills and building to top-end performance.

PSM Performance Pyramid