Community Education

Education is the most powerful means of preventing neurological-related deaths and disabilities.

ThinkFirst for Kids” and “ThinkFirst for Teens

In conjunction with Fort Wayne Neurological Center, Parkview Rehabilitation Center participates in the ThinkFirst National Injury Prevention Foundation’s program. This prevention program educates grade school and high school students about avoiding dangerous situations and unsafe behaviors that could result in brain and spinal cord injuries.

Former Parkview patients who have had brain and spinal cord injuries engage the students with inspiring presentations about the ways in which their lives have changed. These presenters are accompanied by a certified rehabilitation registered nurse, who answers questions from the healthcare provider’s perspective. For more information, call (260) 373-4555.

Stroke awareness program

Presentations to community groups are available throughout the year. Information on signs and symptoms of stroke, prevention of stroke, and the latest treatments will be provided. For more information, call (260) 373-6761.

A resource for stroke patients,  caregivers and others

After a stroke, patients and/or their family caregivers need information to help them make the healthiest possible lifestyle choices and reduce the risk of future strokes. The stroke center offers a comprehensive guide as a learning tool and resource. 


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