Center on Aging and Health

Maintaining Health and Independence

Located at Parkview Hospital Randallia, the Parkview Center on Aging & Health provides easy access to services that could help seniors maintain a strong body and mind.

The physicians and other health professionals of the Parkview Center on Aging and Health can help you, or others in your life, enhance overall health, well-being and independence. Because falling is the number one cause of serious injury for people ages 65 and older, the center will focus on lowering a person’s risk of falling. 

Our collaborative team provides personal consultation to help you:

  • Improve overall health and function
  • Improve safety
  • Maintain independence
  • Provide education to family caregivers

Team Approach

Parkview’s team-based approach makes the Center on Aging & Health unique. A pre-visit telephone call will identify the specialists who can help maintain your health, well-being and independence. Your first visit to the center may include assessments for balance,  strength and social interaction, as well as a review of any medications that you take. The care team may also offer a home assessment, depending on your needs. Medical Director Fen-Lei Chang, MD, PhD, and neurologist with PPG – Neurology, provides leadership to the center and facilitates the team approach, which is called collaborative care.

The care team works directly with you and your family member(s) to complete the following process:


  • Development of a customized plan that identifies any health concerns, as well as recommended actions or follow-up care by your primary physician or the center team
  • Referral to resources affiliated with Parkview or another provider in the community, as needed
  • The center operates two clinics using this collaborative model of care: one focused on fall prevention and the second focused on movement disorders and improving mobility.

Fall Prevention Clinic

Whether you have recently fallen or worry about falling, our team can help restore peace of mind to you and your family about your independence. A visit to the Parkview Center on Aging & Health will identify and help correct the source of your fall risk:

  • Side effects of medication – Some will cause light-headedness or even dizziness
  • Vision problems
  • Loss of strength or balance
  • Footwear – Shoes with thick, heavy soles may increase your risk of falling

Other factors that can cause a fall may include everyday items in your home environment.

Movement Disorders Clinic

A Movement Disorders Clinic also operates within the Center on Aging and Health. If you or someone you care about has a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, restless leg syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis or another condition affecting everyday movement, the care team will treat and support you when referred by your primary care physician. The care team follows a multidisciplinary approach in which physicians specializing in movement disorders and other healthcare professionals assess an individual's needs and plan a coordinated course of treatment.

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A referral from your primary care physician is needed before an appointment can be scheduled at the Parkview Center on Aging & Health. Appointments are available Thursdays and Fridays.  

Parkview Center on Aging & Health
Parkview Hospital Randallia
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