Each Story is Unique

The circumstances leading up to and following a stroke are unique for each person. Meet a few individuals who received treatment at Parkview-affiliated hospitals.

Paul Fordham

Paul was recovering from knee surgery at a Fort Wayne rehabilitation facility when a nurse observed stroke symptoms.  She called 911 to have an ambulance transfer Paul to Parkview Hospital Randallia. Because treatment began so quickly after the stroke started, he experienced no long-term weakness or disability.

Bill Ambrose

Bill and his wife were in the midst of a home project when he began having difficulty with speech. The EMS personnel who responded to the 911 call identified that Bill was having stroke symptoms and took him to Parkview. Rakesh Khatri, MD, neurologist with expertise in interventional procedures, was able to remove the blood clot from his brain. Bill recovered and returned to his everyday life.

Kaye Mellenkamp 

Kaye was saying ‘good-bye’ to her husband, before he was to leave the house one morning. As he was speaking to her, Kaye felt a sudden headache come on and her eyes rolled back into her head. When she didn’t respond, her husband dialed 911. At the hospital Kaye was rushed to the neurointerventional suite to stop damage caused by a ruptured brain aneurysm.  This life-saving procedure, followed by months of rehabilitation, brought about a miraculous recovery.