Your Plan for Recovery

Whether you are recovering from a heart attack or maintaining a healthy heart, the Parkview Heart Institute can help you regain and maintain your health.

Our cardiac rehabilitation team is focused on helping you to feel better faster, return to your usual activities, reduce your risk of future heart problems, and live a longer, fuller life. We do this by providing supervision and consultation by experts in exercise physiology, respiratory care and nutrition.

Cardiac rehab is a progressive program that includes three phases.

Phase I

Cardiac rehabilitation begins in the hospital within a few days, as you begin to recover from a heart attack or bypass surgery. In this phase of rehabilitation, specialists from Parkview Heart Institute’s rehab unit come to your room and begin walking with you to begin exercising your recovering heart.

Phase II

The next phase typically begins two to three weeks after you leave the hospital and continues for one to three months, depending on the severity of your heart condition. Typically, you might visit cardiac rehab three times a week for an hour of personalized counseling, exercise and classes. Exercise specialists and dieticians who specialize in cardiac rehabilitation will answer your questions about medications, monitor your exercise progress and provide recommendations about nutrition.

Phase III

Phase III of rehab is a milestone, as it allows you to exercise on your own at the rehab center with supervision by the team. You can request a blood pressure check any time during your sessions. This final phase serves as an affordable alternative to joining a fitness center or purchasing exercise equipment.

For more information, contact the cardiac rehabilitation team at (260) 266-2290.