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You have been referred to the Vein Clinic because your physician has determined that you have venous disease. Venous disease includes several conditions involving the vessels that carry blood from the body back to the heart. The most recognized of these is venous insufficiency, or venous reflux disease – otherwise known as varicose veins.

At the Vein Clinic, a provider will determine the best treatment options for you and discuss your treatment plan with you. Recommended treatment will depend on your medical history, a physical exam and your current limitations. Some people may be able to control their symptoms by improving lifestyle habits and taking the following steps:

  • Utilize compression garments
  • Exercise regularly to promote healthy blood flow
  • Weight Loss

Parkview Vein Clinic
Parkview Woodland Plaza
1234 E. Dupont Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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If further treatment is needed, the care team will assess you for health conditions that may be contributing to venous disease and discuss which therapies will be most appropriate for you.

For questions about the Parkview Heart Institute’s Vein Clinic, please call 260-266-4640, or ask your primary care physician for a referral. 

Parkview Heart Institute is pleased to offer video visits for your safety and convenience. Learn more about our video visits here.

The Vein Clinic is conveniently located at Parkview Woodland Plaza, about a mile down Dupont Road from Parkview Regional Medical Center, behind McDonald's. Parking is easy and accessible.

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What is venous disease?

Leg fatigue, pain or swelling are only some of the signs and symptoms of venous disease. 

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