Diabetes Treatment Center

Research shows that controlling your blood sugar can help prevent long-term health conditions associated with diabetes. Let specially trained and board-certified clinicians at the Parkview Diabetes Treatment Center help you control your blood sugar by sharing ways to eat healthy, exercise regularly, manage stress effectively and take your medication correctly. The center also offers one-on-one counseling, workshops and other resources to help you set, and monitor, your goals for managing your diabetes.

Outpatient services are provided at Parkview Hospital Randallia and Parkview Regional Medical Center.

Insulin Pump Initiation Program

As a diabetes patient, you may benefit from wearing a continuous insulin delivery device as recommended by your physician. Our certified insulin pump trainers will work with you to select the type of device that will best meet your needs, teach you about how to safely wear an insulin pump and work with your physician to provide the necessary follow up at intervals that will help you achieve your blood sugar goals.  

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Consultations

The continuous glucose monitor, sometimes called a continuous glucose sensor, is a device that measures glucoses on a continual basis. You can use the monitor as a personal device if medically necessary, or your physician may request a three to seven day tracing to troubleshoot problems with your current level of glucose control. Our clinicians will show you how to wear this device and provide feedback reports to your physician.

Pregnancy and Diabetes Program

Blood sugar management during pregnancy is essential for healthy mothers, normal growth of the baby and minimizing risks during labor and delivery. Whether you have pre-existing diabetes or diabetes that shows up later in pregnancy, otherwise known as gestational diabetes, our staff of certified professionals will develop an individualized plan that includes meal planning, physical activity, monitoring blood sugars and medication for the duration of pregnancy.

For more information about any of these outpatient programs, call the Diabetes Treatment Center at (260) 373-4280.