Samaritan Friends

They are always ready – ready to head out and take care of people who’ve been in an accident, or been injured, or are having a health crisis. Maybe you’ve seen one of the two Samaritan helicopters zoom over your neighborhood or town. Or maybe you’ve seen the Mobile ICU or the Critical Care Transport traveling the roads with lights flashing as they transport a patient.

These heroic vehicles help our Samaritan crew members save lives, and they have all sorts of adventures along the way. We call them the Samaritan friends:  Sammy, Samantha, Mike and Cari.

Coloring pages

Just for fun, print out these coloring pages. Meet all of the Samaritan friends and learn about the crew members they work with!


Sammy, the helicopter

Also known as Samaritan 1, Sammy is one of Parkview’s two medical helicopters. He lives at Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC), on the north side of Fort Wayne, Ind. When he is not on a call, he rests on the helipad on top of PRMC.


Samantha, the helicopter

Samantha, also known as Samaritan 2, is Sammy’s sister helicopter. She lives at the airport in Rochester, Ind., and flies patients from across the region to Parkview Regional Medical Center when they need special medical care.


Mike, the ambulance

Mike, the Mobile ICU, is also an expert at getting to people when they need help fast. He travels the roads, but he has much the same equipment as Sammy and Samantha, so he can provide vital lifesaving care along the way. When you see his lights flashing, he’s in a hurry, so tell your parents to pull over to the side of the road to let him pass safely. 


Cari, the ambulance

Cari is the Critical Care Transport and she has a very special job. She makes sure that patients who need to be moved between Parkview hospitals in Fort Wayne travel safely and smoothly.


Sammy, the helicopter with his pilot

The pilot has the important job of flying the helicopter. He/she makes sure the flight is safe and stable. Samaritan’s pilots have many years of experience, and they train constantly to keep their skills sharp.

Flight nurse

Samantha, the helicopter with a flight nurse

The flight nurse takes care of the patient during the flight and lets the hospital’s emergency department know what to expect when the patient arrives. Samaritan’s flight nurses have the same training as hospital nurses, plus extra training to help them care for patients at accident scenes and on the helicopter.


Mike, the ambulance, with an EMS

The paramedic takes care of the patient aboard Mike the Mobile ICU or Cari the Critical Care Transport.

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