Emergency care for your child

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, Parkview emergency departments (ED) are open, safe and ready to provide emergency care. Don’t let the fear of COVID-19 stop you from seeking the care you need.

Childrens Emergency Department

Emergencies can be scary experiences for children.  Parkview Children’s Emergency Care, in the emergency department at Parkview Regional Medical Center, can make kids more comfortable when they’re sick or injured.

It’s a place just for kids, with cheery, colorful decorations to help little ones feel more at ease. A child life specialist is available to answer questions, engage children in age-appropriate play and offer reassurance to patients and parents alike.

Parkview Children’s Emergency Care provides services geared to the unique needs of youngsters:

  • Innovative diagnostic imaging, including low-dose radiation CT and ultrasound
  • Medical equipment designed just for kids
  • Access to physicians with specialties in orthopedics, intensive care, pediatric infectious diseases and other disciplines

Parkview Regional Medical Center Entrance 14 (ER)
11109 Parkview Plaza Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46845
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