Cervical Cancer Trial

GOG 0263

Randomized Phase III Clinical Trial of Adjuvant Radiation Versus Chemoradiation in Intermediate Risk, Stage I/IIA Cervical Cancer Treated With Initial Radical Hysterectomy and  Pelvic Lymphadenectomy


This trial studies radiation therapy with chemotherapy to see how well it works compared to radiation therapy alone in treating patients with stage I or stage II cervical cancer who previously underwent surgery.


This study is looking for patients who have cervical cancer stage I-IIA treated with radical hysterectomy.

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RTOG 0724

Phase III Randomized Study of Concurrent Chemotherapy and Pelvic Radiation Therapy with or without Adjuvant Chemotherapy in High-Risk Patients with Early-Stage Cervical Carcinoma Following Radical Hysterectomy


This trial is studying chemotherapy and pelvic radiation therapy to see how well they work when given with or without additional chemotherapy in treating patients with high-risk early-stage cervical cancer after radical hysterectomy.


This study is looking for patients with Stage IA2, IB or IIA cervical cancer who have had a radical hysterectomy.

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