Patient-Centered Care: A Holistic Approach to Cancer Care

A cancer diagnosis is life changing. We understand that your entire cancer care journey – from diagnosis to survivorship – is mentally, emotionally and physically challenging. To help guide you through every step along the way, we offer a wide range of supportive programs and services.

Patient Navigator Program Provides Personal Support

Every single patient we treat is assigned a patient navigator. Our patient navigators are registered nurses who are specially trained in holistic cancer care and supportive services. Your primary point of contact, your patient navigator is the person on your treatment team whose sole focus is to help you navigate your cancer care journey.

Your patient navigator will be one of the first people to connect with you and your family upon diagnosis. He or she can help you understand your diagnosis and treatment options during what could be an overwhelming and emotional time. Your patient navigator is there to help with anything you might need – from coordinating care appointments to arranging transportation to helping with insurance questions and more.

Nutritional Counseling Supports Healing

A cancer diagnosis often requires a shift in diet. Many cancer treatments can take a toll on your energy levels. While side effects like nausea may cause you to eat less than normal, your body still needs proper nutrition to help you feel better and promote healing. Certain foods may even help reduce side effects from cancer-fighting therapies.

Specialized oncology registered dietitians are a part of your care team to assess your personal nutritional needs. With nutritional counseling, our dieticians can give you detailed dietary plan that supports your medical treatment plan.

Cancer Support Groups

Many people find it difficult to cope with a cancer diagnosis. While it may feel natural to distance yourself from others during this challenging time, social experiences can help speed the path to recovery. By meeting with others in a similar situation, patients can share their emotional experiences with others in a safe and understanding environment.

We offer several support groups by specific cancer type, including breast cancer and prostate cancer as well as a lymphedema support group. All Parkview support groups welcome new members and meet regularly at Parkview facilities.

Survivorship Clinics

The cancer journey does not end when your cancer is cured. Cancer survivors face a lifelong impact well after treatment is completed, including risk of other cancers and health issues. It’s important to receive survivor-specific care. Our survivorship clinics ensure that even after treatment is over, you have the resources you need for the journey ahead.

Additional Cancer Support Services

Parkview Cancer Institute is home to The Wig Boutique, a place where you can find products and services that enhance self-image and well-being. The boutique offers a beautiful selection of wigs, hats and scarves for those who lose their hair during cancer treatment. This specialty shop, located within Parkview Cancer Institute, is made possible thanks to donations made to Parkview Foundation and staffing by community volunteers. The Wig Boutique also offers a warm and welcoming environment where you can share concerns and have questions answered by our expert staff.