High Risk Breast Clinic

The high risk breast clinic at the Parkview Cancer Institute is staffed by a breast health advanced practice provider (APP) who specializes in the care of women and men who are at increased risk for developing breast cancer.

The clinic provides specialized care and increased access to the resources necessary for reducing breast cancer risk and increasing early detection. The clinic will include a visit with the nurse practitioner to discuss your level of risk, educate on risk reduction, and develop specific surveillance recommendations that are personalized to you and your lifestyle.

Your visit at the clinic will include:

  • A comprehensive breast cancer risk assessment
  • A clinical breast exam
  • Surveillance recommendations based on your personal risk
  • Assessment for genetic counseling and possible testing
  • Education on risk reduction strategies

Your personalized surveillance regimen may include:

  • Annual mammography with or without Tomosynthesis (3D mammogram)
  • Mammogram beginning 10 years prior to the youngest age at diagnosis in the family, but not prior to age 30
  • Clinical breast exams every 6 – 12 months
  • Referral for genetic counseling and testing
  • Breast MRI or ultrasound if indicated

What are my risk factors?

  •  Family or personal history of breast cancer
  • Age
  • Female
  • Ethnicity: e.g. Ashkenazi Jewish
  • Lifestyle factors:
    • Increased BMI
    • Alcohol consumption
    • Combined hormone replacement therapy
  • Reproductive history
    • Young age at menarch (Start of your menstrual cycle)
    • Multiple miscarriages
    • Older age at first live birth
    • Older age at menopause
  • Prior breast biopsies with proliferative lesions:
    • Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)
    • Atypical hyperplasia (Ductal or lobular)
    • Flat epithelial atypia
    • Number of prior breast biopsies
  • Dense breast tissue
  • Thoracic radiation therapy younger than 30 years old

Meet your Nurse Practioner

Stefani Davis, NPStefani Davis is a board certified women’s health advanced practice provider. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The Ohio State University followed by her Master of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. She is pleased to bring advanced experience in breast health and high risk management to Parkview Health. She is licensed by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency and received her board certification through the National Certification Corporation. Stefani also holds a faculty position at Vanderbilt University in the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner program.