Parkview BridgeWays

Mental illness in older adults can lead to disability, poor quality of life or inappropriate placement in a nursing home. The influence of medications, physical illness, dementia or grief can make diagnosis and treatment challenging.

Parkview BridgeWays provides an atmosphere of help, hope and healing for older adults in a secure, yet comfortable, short-term-care setting on the third floor of Parkview Hospital Randallia.

Comprehensive, patient-centered care

Our expert mental health team offers compassionate, personalized care to evaluate and treat the unique medical, nutritional and mental health issues often faced by older adults.

Our mental health team of physicians, therapists, nurses and technicians helps our patient cope with:

  • Memory loss and confusion
  • Persistent depression or thoughts of hopelessness and helplessness
  • Extreme feelings of anger and irritability
  • Excessive grief, anxiety or fear
  • Significant changes in eating and sleeping patterns
  • Noticeable personality changes or extreme mood swings
  • Difficulty managing daily life and activities
  • Problems adjusting to a new environment

As with services for youngsters and adults, family involvement in treatment, discharge planning and aftercare is extremely important. Before a patient leaves the facility, staff members educate your family members/caregivers on available community resources, as well as arrange for referrals to local home health, assisted living or nursing home services.

Promoting healing with multi-sensory therapy

The Sensory Room at Parkview BridgeWays is an engaging healing environment for multi-sensory therapy.

Multi-sensory therapy can help patients overcome anxiety, agitation and sleep deprivation through increased comfort and relaxation. The unique features of the room can stimulate intellectual activity or provide comfort and relaxation, depending on each patient’s needs.

  • Pressure-relieving chairs help seniors achieve a sleep cycle. The chairs evenly distribute body weight, leading to maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • Music, videos, slideshows and games can enhance intellectual stimulation and memory recall. A senior’s favorite songs or television shows are easily accessible, and slideshows of family photos often provide comfort in times of difficulty.
  • Fiber optic light strands provide visual stimulation and weight sensory. Seniors often place the strands over their chests or on their laps to create a sense of comfort and security.
  • Bubble tubes provide visual and audio sensations to help calm anxiety or irritability. Seniors can see and hear bubbles traveling through the colorful tubes.
  • An aroma panel can help alleviate stress, relieve body aches and pains, and promote memory recall.

A safe, comfortable environment

Our goal is to increase our patients’ quality of life and help them become more independent. Dedicated specialists care for each patient’s individual medical, nutritional and mental health needs. Social workers help patients and their families navigate the patient stay and discharge processes.

This 24-hour intensive inpatient treatment center offers:

  • 20 private patient rooms with wall-mounted televisions
  • Secure accommodations for patients with dementia
  • Accessibility for individuals using wheelchairs or walking aids
  • Therapeutic group exercises
  • On-site family support and education
  • Art, music and pet therapies
  • Referrals to community services, as needed

Let us help

Getting help from Parkview Behavioral Health is easy. For an initial screening, call the HelpLine at 260-471-9440 or 800-284-8439, anytime 24 hours a day. Experienced specialists are available to guide you to the appropriate level of care – or resources – for your situation.

Parkview Behavioral Health

services provided at:

Parkview Hospital Randallia
2200 Randallia Drive
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