Sponsorship Application Guidelines

Parkview Sports Medicine 

Parkview Sports Medicine is proud to provide training, treatments and education to student athletes – as well as parents and coaches – in northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio.  Our orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, performance specialists, athletic trainers and sports dietitians are committed to providing the highest level of sports medicine and orthopedic care to our schools and communities.

To better identify and address community needs the following guidelines have been developed.

Funding Criteria

Parkview Sports Medicine will consider funding for sports-related organizations, events, program and services that meet all of the following criteria.

  • The sponsorship will benefit a geographic area served by Parkview Health.
  • The organization aligns with Parkview’s mission, vision and values.
  • The program will demonstrate collaboration and coordination, not duplication or competition, with other sponsored community organizations or Parkview services and departments.
  • The community group or organization is involved in youth or adult athletic leagues or events.
  • The organization operates under written articles of incorporation and by-laws, or other written documents or statutes, that define the applicant’s purposes membership, management and operations.
  • The organization operates in a non-discriminatory basis in employment, recruitment of volunteers and delivery of services.


Funding will not be approved for the following:

  • Political activities of any kind.
  • Construction costs or capital campaigns.
  • Endowment programs.
  • Requests from individuals.
  • Expenses related to fundraising.
  • Expenses that have occurred prior to the application review.

Operating Guidelines

  • Contributions, as agreed upon by both parties, will be used solely for the requested purpose.
  • Recipients will give appropriate acknowledgement to Parkview Sports Medicine in all promotional materials, activities and programs receiving support through Parkview Sports Medicine.
  • Recipients shall submit a copy of receipt or invoice and a photo of items purchased as a result of contributions provided by Parkview Sports Medicine.


Parkview Sports Medicine has a sponsorship committee to review all sponsorship requests.To allow adequate time to consider applications and program budgets, please allow 60 days for a response to your application. For requests over $1000, allow six months.

If you have read these guidelines and meet the requirements stated, complete our sponsorship application.

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